Psycho Path #2

Nathan is a happy man. He loves his wife and his job, and leads a fairly normal life. But something is taking over his dreams, something dark and ominous. Can he stop it before it's too late?

Psycho Path #1 a limited comic book mini-series that explores the darkness hidden in the hearts of seemingly normal people. What does it take to push someone over the edge of sanity?
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Secrets Best Kept

Life is a curious conundrum. Every person walks a path, not knowing if the next step will bring untold riches, or grave misfortune. But what if there's more to it than that? What if there are outside forces simply waiting for a chance to twist the lives of humans into something... else?
A tired, old man, searching for freedom... A happy couple that stumbles onto a chance encounter in the woods... An old man who shares more than he should...A group of settlers who find their inextricably easy lives are about to get far more complicated... A wealthy man for whom run-of-the-mill decadence is not enough...
These and other tales await you. What ties these disparate individuals together? Perhaps what they learn... were secrets best kept.