Psycho Path #3

The final chapter has arrived. Learn how "Bloody Mary" became the monster she is today, and how her Path ends. 

Stefani Manard (Author)
Paul Gori (Artist)
Whitney Cook (Colors)
Ted Woods (Lettering)
Hedwin Zaldivar (Cover colors)
Leah Lederman (Script Editor)
Shawn Greenleaf (Project Editor)
Paperback (comic)- January 2018

Monroe Comic Con added!

Good afternoon! I have just added a new show to my schedule, and all the details are in the picture above! I will have a new comic out for this show and hopefully have copies of my first short film available. I am very excited to come back to such an amazing one day convention. Hope to see you all there!

Blood Bash 2018 February 17th

I told myself that I would slow down my cons this year, but the season is going to start off strong! I am going to be at Blood Bash 2018, a horror convention in Jackson, Michigan, on February 17th. It is my first time at this event and I am really looking forward to meeting all the amazing horror fans that are going to be there! One of my favorite writers and fellow cool kid, David Hayes, will be there as well, so be sure to check out his work! Jason Chmielewski will be tabling with me, so be sure to come visit for his sci-fi debut, Nothing Sacred, Nothing Harmed, the first book of NOD, edited by me! I look forward to this awesome opportunity to share my brand of horror with some new people!

The Journey So Far...

Hey guys! I know I have been kind of off the radar lately, but that doesn't mean that things aren't working behind the scenes. I am still working, still writing, still editing and perfecting, so never fear! I currently have a lot of irons in the fire, one that is two days from being done, and one that I'm hoping to share more of come January. I have a lot of things I want to share, but this is the most important at the moment. 

Here's the long and the short of it:

Psycho Path 3 is set to be completely done this week! It's crazy!! This has been a rough year for a lot of people, and due to that there were many bumps in the road to getting this finished. But we did, and it was worth the wait. I am so excited to send it to print after the holidays and put it in the online shop. I will have physical copies at my events, so go check out that page to see where you can get yours! 

A page from Psycho Path #3, just for you!

Thank you so much for your patience during this journey. While I am a stickler for deadlines, the reality of this business is that we all do what we can, and things don't always get done on time. It's something that I have learned this year and has made me grow as a writer. Sometimes you just have to let that control go and let it be. 

I will be doing a short video either this week or next to discuss my next series, The Aeonian, and some other projects that are coming in 2018. 

Til then, check out my current podcasts on the podcast tab, send me a note on Facebook if you have any questions, or feel free to email me! Have an amazing holiday :)

Final Chance To Win A Kindle Oasis!

Hello everyone!

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If you have already entered, you can go to the link and share it around, to help maximize your ways to enter! Good luck to you all!

Kindle Oasis Giveaway

Hello everyone!

It's officially the holiday season and what better way to celebrate than by giving out free things!

I'm super excited to give away a Kindle Oasis to one very lucky reader!

I'm working with authors Russel Nohelty (Katrina Hates the Dead), RJ Blain (Playing with Fire), Devyn Jayse (Magic Runes), Kevin Joseph (Tart), Isra Sravenheart (Her Blackened Soul), Matthew Childers (Moon Hunters), Russell Newquist (War Demons), David Blake Lucarelli (Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade), Kristofor Harris (Respite), Rob Arnold (Replicator), Shane W. Smith (All The King’s Men), Jessica Schmidt (Echoes of Ashes), Angela J. Ford (The Five Warriors), Michael R. Martin (Blood and Dust), and Matt Harry (Sorcery for Beginners) to give away this awesome Kindle Oasis.

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Enter to win a Kindle Oasis with a three-year warranty!

Thank you for supporting indie creators of all types. May you all have a memorable holiday season!

Fantasticon Toledo March 10-11th

I am returning once more to the most amazing con in Ohio! Every year we have an insane amount of fun, and there are so many great artists attending, you won't want to miss it! I will post my table info as soon as I get it. 

Astronomicon February 9th-11th

Join me and many other fantastic guests at the first ever Astronomicon! It is sure to be a horrifyingly great time. I will add more information as it comes in, including my table number. 

Psycho Path #1 Giveaway!

Psycho Path #1 will be available for free in PDF form in the December newsletter, as well as two different giveaways. Tis the season! Contact me if you want to get in on the fun!

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Psycho Path #3 - Cover revealed!

The finished cover of Psycho Path 3 ! Paul Gori on pencils and inks, and Hedwin Zaldivar on colors. Whitney Cook did all the lettering. Awesome team, amazing cover <3

And check out the article posted at Indie Volt!