Kindle Oasis Giveaway

Hello everyone!

It's officially the holiday season and what better way to celebrate than by giving out free things!

I'm super excited to give away a Kindle Oasis to one very lucky reader!

I'm working with authors Russel Nohelty (Katrina Hates the Dead), RJ Blain (Playing with Fire), Devyn Jayse (Magic Runes), Kevin Joseph (Tart), Isra Sravenheart (Her Blackened Soul), Matthew Childers (Moon Hunters), Russell Newquist (War Demons), David Blake Lucarelli (Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade), Kristofor Harris (Respite), Rob Arnold (Replicator), Shane W. Smith (All The King’s Men), Jessica Schmidt (Echoes of Ashes), Angela J. Ford (The Five Warriors), Michael R. Martin (Blood and Dust), and Matt Harry (Sorcery for Beginners) to give away this awesome Kindle Oasis.

Enter to win!

Enter to win a Kindle Oasis with a three-year warranty!

Thank you for supporting indie creators of all types. May you all have a memorable holiday season!